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Justice was served today 9/27/2023 for Jamie Yazzie 


About Financial Support

The Medicine Wheel Ride offers grants to fund culturally based individuals, groups, programs, and organizations working to provide resources and support to Indigenous women and their families.

​The Medicine Wheel Ride also offers grants to provide funds to Indigenous individuals, groups and organizations working on MMIW issues in the areas of search, recovery, prevention, and protection.


Such financial support is available to support:

  • Searches

  • Billboards

  • Missing Person Shirts

  • Awareness and educational materials

  • Family support

The Medicine Wheel Ride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is available to receive funds and give grants. 
Mission Statement:


We are Indigenous Women Motorcyclists and allies who create awareness events and fundraise for issues affecting our Indigenous women and their families.

Our Mission

Help Us Make A Difference

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