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Our Story

We are a grassroots movement.

We ride to bring national awareness and resources to issues impacting our indigenous relatives.

We are not experts, and we are not waiting until experts arrive. 

We're just women on motorcycles who care about something that affects us.

We are getting together, and we're figuring it out as we go along

Our Purpose

To provide national leadership to end violence against American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian women by supporting culturally grounded, grassroots advocacy.

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Our Mission

The Difference We Make

"I saw this ride as an opportunity to give voice to our family's experience, to honor and remember a loved one whose murder not only took her away from us but left us suffering from a series of injustices for many years. The ride was cathartic for me, bringing up years of suppressed emotions, even as it was also powerful and healing. It’s hard to find words to describe the honor and the shocking visual awareness of riding with so many people whose lives have been touched by Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women."

-Jaimie Smith

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You Can Get Involved!

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